A Walk In Vienna Woods

In the Vienna Woods, I took a walk
A March dampness in the air
The trees were still Winter bare
Standing stoic as if in silent talk.

Sunless snow caked in crevices and cracks
Biding the time that would bring
Mortal melting from the Spring
As I plodded onwards down trodden tracks.

In the gloomy skies no birds could be seen
And there was no wild life here
No lizard, squirrel or deer
Nothing to bear witness that I had been.

These woods have made music and ancient tales
But I heard no songs this day
Just leaves dropping in the way
Like fluttering souls caught on windy wails.

Countless numbers have passed this path before
But each as I, walked alone
Aging muscle, thinning bone
Failing flesh that ends at the seasons’ Fall

On sodden soil I walked with weary tread
Through mist where I couldn’t see
Past the shadow of each tree
Yet, a beautiful city lays ahead.

by Roy Lee

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