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A Walk Of Shadows
(4-7-56 / goo.gl/iE4msE)

A Walk Of Shadows

Poem By (c) Colorofsky

A walk of shadows,
crossing a mind of memory,
beneath a daytime sun,
under a full moonlit sky.
O 'bove the routines, distractions,
a flash of thought arises,
and thus moves, a heart, to sigh.

With one set of eyes now,
a silent, solitary walk
of one set of feet tread on.
And within, walks feeling
emblazoned, colored within a soul,
by another shadow, now gone.

And though, ...
the path now perhaps may be bittersweet,
that heart to that lost walk of shadows
it shall never revile.
For if walked in sunlight or candlelight,
under moonlight, with starlight,
that heart to that walk of shadows
it shall ever love, ever smile.

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