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A Walk On The Snow

It feels cold inside
when people cannot break the stillness
when human tongues revolve
around cars, TV and food
when the painful silence
is deep deep in the human heart.

I walk out of this coldness inside
away from the comforts and heating
installations in the house
away from the speed and heat of a car.

I simply walk on the field
looking at the vast space of emptiness
treading on the snow,
the snow that has
covered the grasses.

It gives me a deep sense of joy
that the walk to turn away
from coldness inside
becomes a walk with the Lord.
I walk with God on the snow.

Cars pass me by
Houses stand in the stillness
of their comforts.

I continue walking until
my exposed ears, hands and feet ache.
I walk with God on the snow
and I understand why people
fear the cold.

The Lord himself walks with me
on the snow and on the cold inside me
on the snow that covers the gound
on the snow that hurts and frightens.

But such a time of journeying
with God on the snow
becomes a cleansing and a healing
just as from the ground
the green will be reborn in spring.

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