A Walk With The Wind..!

A Walk with the wind..!

None To Rendezvous -I walk,
Along the path ruled by the queen of tides;
Up on the scary woods soaked over the sea,
Alone I walk-hoping to find what I miss tonight;

A journey so long, a journey so lonely,
Scared by the water hovering its claws on me;
I turned round tat some one could hold me tight,
Should tat wish also end in vein?

I stretched my hands holding it lite,
Just then a feathery breeze hold my hands so tight;
A smile so brittle clinked my face,
There arose a feel with words short to describe;

Across the woody paths of the shallow mantle,
With silence amidst us and along the silent valley,
And along the paths unknown,
We walk in silence indeed;

I whispered it to carry me away,
It blazed a smile tat never fades,
Just then the fierce water shattered the woods,
Yet holding tight for the paths yet to survive;

Sky faded dark, paths narrowed,
And the new friend of myne loosened her grip away;
I turned around to catch her back, but-
All remained was the woods, the waters and I;
The battle continues towards the paths of life unseen,
With waters shattering and woods trembling- here I go again…!


by Arun Achudh

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a plesant read arun, thanks for sharing