Take My Naked Body

Take my naked soul! ! !
If you want to learn from me;
With the muse of righteous morals,
Following after righteous laws.

Take my naked body!
If you want me,
If you love me,
For the joy of your heart;

Take me as i am,
Touch my heart with the truth;
Peace and Love!
I am all that you need.

My heart! ! !
My mind,
My soul,
My sweet love;

Love in the air! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
Love sweet love,
Love and art,
Take my naked body!

Satisfy your muse with the truth,
Update your mind with righteous morals,
Uplift your heart with righteous laws,
Take me as i am.

by Edward Kofi Louis

Comments (3)

calming and beautiful....but it makes me sad.....when someone looses the one.....that's sad.....: ( but i like the poem.....its very well written 10+
Beautiful but sad pictures comes to me reading you poem There is such a strong sense of presence in your poem and the title is brilliant! Thank you Pia
Love the imagery...........beautifully written Richard. Sincerely, Mary