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A Wall Of Remembrance
PS ( / Alexandria, Virginia)

A Wall Of Remembrance

From an architect's mind it came to be
A wall of black granite many come to see.
But, look closer, all ye who pass this way
Pause and reflect what it has to say.
Speak, you say, but I cannot hear
But, look into the message captured in a tear
Which flows freely down many a cheek
Volumes are said though it cannot speak.
Upon the ground at its base are placed
Flags, flowers, notes from some who depart in haste.
While others search, mourn and linger
Tracing a name with a trembling finger;
While others bring forth paper and pencil
To trace a name - a treasured stencil.
The name etched in stone are etched in each heart
Of loved ones and comrades who are torn apart
From these brave defenders of this land
And, who try to reach out with a trembling hand.
Yes, this wall of granite speaks volumes unheard
With each name - many a heroic word.

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