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A Wandering Star

You filled the aching longing
Of a lonely wandering star
You bridged a yawning chasm
When you saw me from afar

I heard your cry from darkness
And the blackness of the night
You cried ' I've come to set you free.'
'I've come to give you sight.'

What could fill this aching longing?
What could bridge this vast expanse?
What could render sight to blind?
And cause dead feet to dance

Could hopelessness be turned to hope?
Could darkness turn to light?
Could sin be gone and sting no more?
And end this endless night

And soon enough I found it so
In Christ my risen King
The darkness fled from my lonely heart
A heart that now can sing

And hopelessness gave place to hope
His joy now fills my soul
The chasm bridged, the darkness light
His will became my only goal

So thank you Lord, you gave me sight
When you saw me from afar
You forgave my sins and set me free
No longer now a wandering star

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