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A War Between Love And Myself
MAM (01/23/79 / Pasay City)

A War Between Love And Myself

In life we all aspire the unreachable
So blinded by love we submerge
But this is somehow the power of it
And though we know the consequences
We still take the plunge and rise

Even the wisest man can’t find the logic
How experience he maybe, still he fails
Sacrifice, Giving, Patience, and Acceptance
Those things that could prolong what love is
Yet sad to say it’s not enough to stay

I’ve read all the meaning of love
But then the opposite is what I got the most
Or am I just looking at the wrong direction?
Is it me that fails and fall?
Or is it just what love is all about

How do others could sail forever?
Never run out of music and tune.
What’s the secret beyond their success?
Give me the answer my Lord
For all I got is questions of why and how?

Though I never stop believing on its mystery
Still what I have are pain and sorrows
I felt so bad that I even thought I’m not capable,
‘Coz it seems the music always end
And why it always ends on me?

Should I lie on what I feel on this?
Just to make these love last forever.
Am I demanding too much, the reason why?
Or is it hard to understand who really I am?
Coz I don’t know what more to do

Tired of saying “I’m Sorry, Goodbye”
Should I stay out of love so not to hurt?
What happened to the love I’ve felt at start?
If this is me then I’m not capable of Love
Or is it maybe she’s not the one?

But yet once again here I am believing
On the love and the mystery of it.
Thanking for the moment I spend with it
For I know it has been love all along
And somehow, someway it will come along once again.

Here I am within war between love and myself
Though I know there could never be a winner
For the both can never be apart
Hoping someday peace will come to love and me
And ‘till the war is within I’ll follow the wind
And then when the war is over I believe…
The music will never end.

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Ahhhh! it really bugs me when i have to fight with myself! 8 for this again!