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A War On Tv

He's off to fight a war,
we'll see it on T.V.
He's off to fight a war,
him, not you or me.

Gone to foreign deserts,
in far off distant lands.
Gone to fight an enemy,
in swirling yellow sands.

To crush the reign of terror,
and stop a Tyrant dead.
He's fighting for our freedom,
while we're sleeping in our beds.

The suits and Politicians,
all sitting 'locked in talks'
They stand up on the evening news,
Whilst in the sand he walks.

He's launching monster rockets,
sends them flying through the air.
Zoomed in on a target,
a tiny little square.

Was it a bomb factory?
or just people making paint?
It's flattened now, we'll never know,
but the Tyrant he's no saint.

For is he stocking weapons?
both chemical and bombs.
Or are the victims of the war,
the innocent Kids and Moms?

He's still there following orders,
Launching bombs at tiny squares.
Listening to old sayings,
'He who wins, is he who dares'

But the enemy will fight back,
will he one day come home?
Or will he be a number,
a statistic on a form?

Whatever maybe the reasons,
for sending him off to fight.
He'll just follow orders,
whether wrong, or whether right.

Heath Gunn

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Heath, you are so right about us being in our armchairs at a time of war while others go to fight. I remember many, many years ago during the Falklands war and I worked in a now obsolete naval base. I remember wishing I was there with a lot of friends of mine, but had to be content with getting news about them over the TV. Your poem depicts the spot on truth about the wars our armed forces fight. Top marks and thanks for sharing it my friend. Best Wishes David
u R truly talented
You created a beautiful piece here with a lot of truth. The blending is spectacular and has been made very easy to visualize. Looking forward to more hard hitting truth. Thankyou for sharing 10+++