A Warning With A Reason?

Poem By Tom Maxwell

We are living our life
Borrowing this planet, during our time,
we should be improving, our species, as people
For the future, of mankind.
The Covid-19 virus, a big warning, wake up call,
Slow down, look at the signs,
With the virus, no actions, like the past, black Fridays
Everyone is patient, a few feet apart, in line.
Before, many were only interested in, personal power, and greed,
Now joining together, helping those in need.
Leaders of all countries trying, to agree, to help all people,
all on one stage, now you hear, no stories of road rage.
I hate to see anyone sick, or die, as a human race, we may have
been due, for a poke in the eye.

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A very noble poem, giving warmth to the heart.....10++

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