A Warrior’s Vow

My endeavor is
to walk
in amity with.
My fellow man.

I will strive to live
in harmony with all.
In peace as gentle
as a summer’s breeze.

My presence
is to instill that calm
not unlike the stillness.
Of sheltered waters.

To those who know fear
I shall be a shield.
They may walk safely
in my shadow.

Until transgression
rears and threatens.
My weapons
shall remain sheathed.

To my Lord
and his laws.
My pledge
is my loyalty.

I shall protect
his properties
and of his tenants.
As my own.

My love and my faith
shall know no depth.
My heart
shall be open and pure.

Against any transgressors.
My retaliation
shall be that magnitude
of the fiercest storm.

They shall cower
to my tenacity
and be dispatched.
Or struck down.

If you come without malice
fear not my sword.
Betray me
and to my anger.

The lion
shall be as a lamb.
that of a zephyr.

by Kurt Hearth

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Comments (2)

Very good I like the power of the poem
This should be the real spirit of every warrior. Nice to read.