(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

A Waste Of The Expense

When anyone can afford to hire,
Top notch lawyers to defend delusions they create...
Regardless of the truth.
And evidence against them produced.
Too much of their money is invested on the wrong drugs.
A waste of the expense.
There are therapists that do exist,
Wishing to keep their clients convinced...
Public exposure of stupidity,
Is not the best attention to get.
Especially if one already has a high profile.
This makes no sense.
Nor does spending time locked away confined.
Shouting how one has been victimized,
By their own crimes to have committed.
This does not make good,
For hopefully endorsements to get...
From those using the same excuses in 'Da hood'.
In fact...
This will get from them to re-act,
As if insulted. Appalled.
And more negative than usual.
Knowing their African heritage had been used.
And conveniently abused.
Doing this can be worse,
Than being sentenced to a lifetime...
Of doing community service in a place,
In which no one believes or accepts reality.
Even if screamed to them from pulpits.
By preachers delivering sermons.
Leaving 'Lucifer' too embarrassed to make an appearance.
Knowing to discover...
That such overwhelming ignorance still exists.
And having possibilities,
A wickedness to do evil...
Is useless to introduced to those too stupid,
To recognize the difference of it has been made.

"My work to do here is a waste of time.
These folks are accustomed to victimizing themselves.
And in creative ways far more evil.
I can not believe,
How challenging these days have become.
Me, the King Of Blinding Darkness!
Forced to look for ways to stay original."

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