An Ode To A Squirrel

Oh, little chirpy squeaking squirrel
I see you always dressed in grey apparel
Swift as an arrow you can run
Watching you scamper the tree is fun

Is it when you are joyous and hale
That you are seen flicking your bushy tail
Along the ground and over the bough you scurry
Darting up and down in great hurry

Why do you arch your back and sniff the air
When you see someone coming near
Men seem to annoy and leave you in fear
That you take to heels in top gear

You live in the holes of boles
But rarely rest in those hollows
When the weather is warm and bright
You forage food with all your might

To beat the wintry days, you have many tactics
And it is a pleasure to watch your antics
You strive to fill your granary with nuts and grain
To this end, you are ready to take any strain

For you, living is the sole occupation
From labour, you never take any vacation
Seeing the way you move and run,
It seems you have so much energy to burn

How I like you little chirpy squirrel
Come to me, I shall feed you with nut's kernel
Oh chattering friend, you remove from my dull day
All that can leave me in possible dismay

by Valsa George

Comments (5)

Beautiful! Very emotional and creative
It is a painful experience to face so much pain and felt it.
Confrontation with death visualized, while suffering, in this meaningful, beautifully crafted and thought provoking poem. Thanks for sharing it here.
Where lies the end? Thanks for sharing this poem with us.
I have read and examined quite throughly Hardy's novel 'Tess of the D'Urbervilles' and I find this poem very much apt to certain parts of the book. I strongly commend - both the novel and the poem - to be read searchingly.