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A Water Festival And A Beautiful Girl

Splashing water at one another
is a Myanmar traditional culture
celebrated in a good manner.

Cool water in a big bowl of silver,
fragranted with yellow flowers
onto a beautiful girl, it is to be sprinkled.

Giving her a soothing cool in hot summer,
wishing her happiness and success in coming New Year
by her lover or secret admirer or a stranger.

If he is her lover, she invites more water.
If he is her secret admirer, she runs away faster.
If he is a stranger, she shows no anger.

A woman wearing thin clothes very tight,
the color of which very light.
It is a very beautiful sight.

From head to toe she is drenched.
The wet clothes sticking to her yellow flesh.
Her breath-taking figure so enhanced.

Her smiling face with a blush
like a painting just finished final touch.
causing young men a throb of heart.

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