FS (Ageless. / in Cornwall U.K.)

Drugs / Depression

When you try to make it better
With the truths you hold so close
And the lies made up apart of you
To the ones you hate the most

Something screams inside I'll never change
When your thoughts are painted black
Someone chose for me to be this way...
And there's only me to thank

And when your heart falls in the way you think
There's really no turning back
And the ones you think you thought you loved
Could never judge the way you act

You've played this part for way to long
Now the center stage is clear
Grab my wrist and hold it tight
Tell me nothing's left to fear...

I thought words could explain the way I feel
But now I know that's just a lie
Grab my wrist and hold it tight
I'm coming home tonight

When I go just leave the door unlocked
I'll make it worth my while
When the high gets low
And my conviction stands
Just look at me and smile...

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Onto my fav list and a thousand ten's to you! ! ! !
Such galleon-feathered whiteness, rare sight Which catches breath away, over twenty Swans together, gracing sunshine's last light, As clouds loomed in, dropping gloom again.- - - -most perfectly written poem EVER.... Magnificent! ! ! ! ! !
So alive to mothers' wings, thus fleeing harm. Around this watery world I walk, as part Of daily habit, - - to embrace it's calm. very very placid and ageless as the beauty of nature...till death do us part... never been to england...but read a bit about it... you might find some of my poems interesting...they are tailored in england...sewn here in pakistan cheers
This is a truly stunning piece, one of the best I've read here so far, such great attention to imagery and a real sense of serenity penetrated my poetic eye as i visualized this wonderful place you conveyed for us, so many fabulous lines to read and read again, i love imagery and this is brimful with it! ! ! a true poet you are my friend! ! fabulous work keep it up! ! I'll be downloading your ebook now! ! !
Of course, the swans that inspired this fabulous poem, are of 'galleon-feathered whiteness', unlike those in Australia - black as coal with bright red bills (almost Spanish) . But the elegance and grace of the swan is universal and your poem gracefully expresses this truth. In particular I loved 'gracing sunshine's last light, ' and 'alive to mothers' wings, '. A lyrical pastoral poem with great appeal. Love, Allie ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
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