A Watery Poem

these watery days
have been the most rapid
and meaningful days
man can ever say...

times of waters
surging from sources
like rain and the rivers
the tears and some trees
some fruits and flowers
from lands and lovers...

both threatening and true
these days of water
have been the deepest matter
mankind have passed through...

Copyright ©2008 Sílvia Regina De Oliveira

by sílvia oliveira

Comments (6)

Fine poem indeed! I liked it.
silvia, yes, they say soon mankind would go to war becauwe of water. fearful isnt it?
Very nice poem.........like to read many times.good use of metaphor and meaningful
Ever so true of water. It is all around us. It is within us. It is us. GW62
nice poem, as pensively written,10+, thanks for shjaring
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