A Way Of Life Have To Life!

Slight shower of rain in the night for sometime has changed hot weather;
Yellow flowers bloom fresh and bright at the Sunshine in the next morning
And birds of all hues sing beautiful notes flying high here and there;
What a lovely day the weather change has produced in the otherwise hot day!

If all summer goes away so in rains and cool days now and then there won't be
Any hue and cry for water in the lakes, dams and rivers for irrigation and supply of
Drinking water to grow rich crops for harvest and consumption in cities
Sans any demand for sharing of river water with neighbours often as usual!

Natural resources are for all to share to live together in harmony with Nature;
Sans such a goodwill, where is unity and harmony much needed to live in peace?
Love lies in sharing what we have in empathy and compassion with all
To foster humanism and have harmonious human development ever!

Flowers and birds have the same sense of beauty and joy welcoming all to share;
But only humankind live in disparity and partiality while sharing natural resources
Nature supllies free for all to share and enjoy living a heavenly life as
Lovers of Nature do before everyone's eyes as a way of life all have to live!

by Ramesh T A

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