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Love From The Shadow

I loved you from the Shadows
I loved you in the dark
I saw every mistake you made
You could do so much better

Choose me
Let me be your reason,
your one and only

I watched you searching
I have always been here
Why have you never looked at me?

You party hard
Breaking hearts with a smile
Getting what you came for
but not what you need

There was a time I begged you
Choose me
See me
Accept my love

You declined
You used my feelings instead
Causing hope where there was none

Darkness swirls around you
leaving me confused and alone.
I reach out,
and stumble in the haze

Where are you?
What have you done to my heart?
I wanted so badly to be The One

I loved you from the Shadows
I loved you in the dark
In the haze of smoke and mirrors,
I realize I could do so much better

You don't realize how much I love you still
You'll never speak to me again
Some people are impossible to forget
I hope you find what You are looking for

We missed our chance
We have moved on
Now if only your memory would move out
And I could be free again

by Tim Prestridge

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