Flower's Boom

How an earnest quest can end in happiness?
When fulfilled, will certainly glow your face
Grief disappears and starts balanced new journey
Worry remains only for getting more money

I am not for making only friends
I want life beautifully come to an end
How can I have it in rest of the life?
As it has proved difficult as an edge of knife

It looks as if the treasure is hidden
Without it, the life goes on with burden
Nothing seems in sight and spent with full of worries
It is like cart full of load and simply and we all carry

Our eyes rest on some beautiful object
We try to pick it up but soon restrict the act
Same happens with the choice of life partner
We see many flowers but avoid it being as Gardner

Some of the close friends can make it easy
Arrange the meeting and make you busy
Rest can be handled skillfully to the conclusion
Friends can remove misgivings later if existed any confusion

So it required some link to be able to score
You can only put best efforts and explore
This part is so much important
Later on in life there can be improvement

It is equally important for female
As she may be needing trustworthy male
Life can’t be pushed further smoothly
Until that has been agreed to act faithfully

There will real happiness and flower’ boom
There should be left no doubt with any room
It is simple trust and to last till remains together
The storm may come in life and simply wither

by Hasmukhlal Amathalallal

Comments (7)

A sad story that a lot of people go through.Going astray from the narrowed proper path.I'm just glad i found my way before i could even have a chance to stray. Others have trouble with the law, except for me.Those who hav not had trouble in life should be glad they have not. A good poem. My hat goes off to you. Best regards.
A touching read on a sadly all too common subject. Hugs Anna xxx
I wish there was a way for people to see before they get lost in the maze of curcumstance. Thankyou for this, you have shown us what a great artist you really are.Love Duncan
A great poem Sylvia and a good meesage to others well done Reagards Graham.
As always, a wonderful poem Sylvie. I always enjoy reading your work. Sincerely, Mary
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