Lost In The Middle

Loud and constant are the screams
The scream's origin tears at the soul
Power's endurance is too strong
Yet the wisdom to prevent remains inhaled

Inaction appears as cowardice
Remaining detached honors past wishes
Underminding was never the intent
Intervention wreaks havoc for all

Moments feels like years
Visions of the end never approaches
Lying in wait produces no resolve
The deafening sounds of pain escalates

The two that once were one are past
Each strike serious poses of war
Tongues lash out in lighting speed
Eminently closer they become further apart

Steadfastness changes not the outcome
Deciding now to indulge becomes too late
Wife and daughter reached the point
Where no return can now be had

Lost In The Middle

Copyright © August 2005

by Billy Thompson

Comments (4)

Good moral....makes you think.......
Yes this is good herbert, is the moral of the story watch your back i personly would have had the wench on top, , therefore protecting my back i enjoyed this poem and it was a poem, not a short story i myself have only got to this poem, i was having my bit of fun for the day keeping everone awake with my barking, and my little dog tricks counting my number ones Warm regards herbert Allan
I echo Pradeep's comments. Very well done.
Beautiful poem.Loved it.Thank you.