A Weary World

Poem By Bob Gotti

This world is a weary place, filled with darkness and dismay,
I need to lean upon God’s Grace, to make it through the day.
At times I need to seek His face, as my heart begins to stray.
I need to find a quiet place, a place where I can humbly pray.

I know God has His eye on me, since the day that I believed.
And He gave me eyes to see, when His Holy Spirit I received.
From this darkness I am free, though I was lost and deceived.
And I was pointed to Eternity, the very moment that I believed.

And now I’ve come to realize, Christ is the Master of my Life.
Worldly concern in Him dies, as I hide my life in Jesus Christ
He who sits above the skies, died so I could have New Life.
And in this life I’ll fix my eyes, upon my Savior Jesus Christ.

With The Spirit I’ve been sealed, and was given a guarantee.
On the cross Christ appealed, and from there He set me free.
By His stripes I’ve been healed, the ones He bore on Calvary.
And by Christ it’s been revealed, that my home is in Eternity.

On that cross for me He died, and He gave to me New Life.
And this life, it is sanctified, that I may live for Jesus Christ.
And because He lives inside, He helps me in my daily strife.
In Jesus Christ I shall abide, from this day into Eternal Life.

Comments about A Weary World

Hey Bob, you know how there are more and more gay preachers and gay Christian congregations? At first, I thought oh boy, are they ever going to be in trouble. Like maybe God will fire some lightning bolts down on them or send mini-biblical floods into their bedrooms. But nothing like that has happened. No smiting. No floods. What’s God waiting for? To punish them after they’re dead? That’s no good, because in the mean time they’re spreading the gay Christian word to more and more people. So I have to believe that God doesn’t really mind. I actually prayed to Jesus about this. I told him that if he supported gays in the church he should NOT say anything to me. Sure enough, he didn’t say anything. So now I know he doesn’t care if people are gay. He probably is too busy with other stuff anyway. Next, I think I’ll ask him if Dracula really hates crucifixes or if that’s just an old wife’s tale.

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