DLK (Dec.1948 / Lake Forest, Illinois)

A Weathered Love

Silvery hue lining dark gray clouds, the sun seen peeking through,
A love once shared but then remiss, provokes sweet thoughts of you,
Dreary the days, as life marches on, even if brightened by sunny sky,
Clouds invoke, a balance somehow, but life still wanders by.

Billowy dark and menacing this life, when thoughts of you refrain,
Confusion to the meaning of life, because you did not remain,
A once silent storm intensifies, commanding now a presence,
Thoughts of you refuse to vanish, leaving yet their essence.

Thoughts of you still linger on, and pleasant seems this day,
The soft rain falling rhythmically, washing cares away,
Softly, gently, aromatically, the wind now starts to blow,
With every whiff a floral fragrance, it's you there this I know.

Holding high the weather vane, discerning now the stillness,
Thoughts of all those times gone by, days without your kisses,
Darkness falls, the sky is lost, Yet only for the moment,
The moon now rises oh so slowly, through a cloudy firmament.

Dawn will break when night is done, your presence now so needed,
Day will clear and all be right, when our new love is seeded,
Nature will provide the rest, as plants break bounds of earth,
Your heart will then, make room for me, our love will find rebirth.

by Daniel Lloyd Kennedy

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