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A Weathervane
RMJ Rose Marie Juan Austin ( / Laoag City, Philippines)

A Weathervane

A big weathervane
Is perched atop the old barn
Whirling in the wind
Forewarning a farmer that
A strong storm maybe brewing.

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Beautiful, beautifully painted with such heart and sentiment! .. Thank you ever so much for sharing! .. Ever so many 10S! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! .......................+++++
Look at this piece of utility of olden days. Functional, aesthetic beauty, something that would not result in a junk polluting the environment and so many positive points one can talk about such old things, and then compare with today's. We had winding watches, even automatic one. What was the need for battery operated ones adding to piles of pollution in land-fills. There is not one product that has no such serious side effects. Your poem provoked these thoughts. Lovely.
A fabulous short poem with fascinating imagery! Beautifully drafted! Loved reading it.................................10
A nostalgic poem...reminds us of the old days. And the vivid scene you created is truly captivating! Its like a masterpiece painting...I couldn't ask for more! Surely will go to my list of favorites and 10+++++++
I enjoy the weather-vanes fashioned into trotting horses and I prefer the old-fashioned ways even id one could wet their finger and stuck it in the air to see which way the wind is blowing- -or tossing a handful of straw or dirt into the air- -but all in all I like those weather-vanes even those cocky rooster ones!
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