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A Web Of Lies
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A Web Of Lies

Poem By Lovina Sylvia Chidi

As I lay down in my bed
and cry
I realise
It was all a web of lies

I was deceived
as I misconceived
the one identity
that I even had to question
my own sanity

I became a fatality
an instant causality
of using this facility
with hidden negative opportunites
called the internet

A web of lies
spun on the internet
Right in the chat room
dusted into my corner with a broom

I wanted to believe
I do not know why
hence created a world of my own
email addresses
flashing me messages
as cold as any marble stone
The truth was blown
When I heard my clowns on the phone

Be careful
Take care
I say with a sigh
It was all a web of lies

Copyright 2005 - Sylvia Chidi


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Comments (5)

well the internet definately can be that way....we tend to play games on this thing....blow ourselves up, and tear ourselves down. It's true imagination at its finest. I wonder what yours was built on.
Boy you got this write but long before I came here.....I have been lied to, and than made to look like the liar as well as being accused of being one I'm not who wrote to people I don't know, well at least not as they're listed....Thank God, our lives are private here and few women put their current last name...Don't have to go into a chat room, you can get ripped apart here by one who knows all you know and therefore makes you the bad guy, even though, it was all in private....This tech world, even PH has a lot of excellent poets and one or more of the best are off their rocker as well, perhaps that is why they are as they are....isolation on line 24 hours a day for months...Who knows, never been in a chat room, but have been ripped apart in a forum as someone who I'm not.....Pathetic but your words just struck me on this one..... marci made.
The web certainly is a place for meeting people but one must be aware of the frauds out there. Your sends out an excellent message for all chat room lovers. Thanky Sylvia.---Melvina---
this poem is really good keep it up ;)
I like the message in this. For all those chat room lovers. beware! ...good stuff..x