In Her Eyes...

I fell deep into your lovely, blue eyes,
When you passed me in the street.
As I stood there kissing another girl,
My heart beat wild, my mind in a whirl.

Left my date and rushed over to you,
Radiant face, eyes so blue.
My pulse throbbing hard,
At such a high rate,
I politely asked you for a date.

When I picked you up in my car that night,
It felt so good, it just felt right.
We danced every dance,
Holding each other so tight.
I held you tight with all my might.
So close, your head pressed on my chest,
No more dating, for me, I found the best.

A beautiful person,
To share my life,
A soul mate,
A partner,
To make my wife.
I've had such a full, exciting life,
So glad, so thankful,
We're husband and wife.

by Philip Lore

Comments (6)

A love that bloomed releasing fragrance of youth and ending in a sad note at the death bed of mother has been penned nicely. Thanks for sharing.
Nice poem. I did not understand it at first. It’s about something lost (I think) . Like the reference of the lobby to the beauty of a king’s tomb—silent and dead but there is still a beauty about it.
so many stories stashed quickly into a single poem - tough to do convincingly - and Sharon pulls it off.
A beautifully conceived meaningful write full of emotional out-bursts. Congrats on modern Poem of the Day.
Playing jacks! Thanks for sharing this poem with us.
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