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A Well Meaning Friend Was Here Today

A Well Meaning Friend Was Here Today

Poem By Atsiylah Atty Garfinkel

A well meaning friend was here today,
'It's time to put your grief away
There are times when we are all sad,
but life's okay unless you make it bad.
Go work out and join a gym,
meet new guys and you'll get over him.'
But to my friend I could only say,
I'm sorry but it doesn't work that way.
Perhaps because she hears her clock,
she must move quickly with a tick- tock.
She did say a truth when she was here today.
Sometimes we all get blue in our own way.
How is it, someone who I can't make hear me
can at times say things just a clear as can be?
Our souls and our wounds take time to heal,
if I need more time does that make it unreal?
If in my despair I've given up on life,
how can one say for my ache that's not right?
Who else has walked these miles in my shoes?
Who else has lost so much to pay their dues?
Don't tell me grief is just an excuse for me,
until you've lived my life and know how to be.
I fought everyday for decades of this life,
if now I'm tired, don't I have the right?
There are priorities that aren't mine anymore,
and I'm sorry if I've become a chore.
This life isn't what I'd hoped for,
but this is it, nothing less or more.

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Comments (2)

The persona in this poem wears the clothes of experience.A well written piece.
There is wisdom here. That makes this piece of writing a valuable piece. I hope no one who reads it will forget it. GW62