TM ( / England)

A Well Rehearsed Country Verse

We can't share this same space
Less he gets out of that bad place.
Oh how I tried, all I did was cried.
Until I composed another song
A good old country one
About another love gone wrong
Now I am strong, life carries on
So don't you be worryin 'bout me
Whatever will be, will be....

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Hang in there Tia. It can only get better so compose a happy song and we will sing along with your new happiness. Well written and thoughtful write! 10 Karin Anderson
Lovely Tia - - - this is too sad and here is a big hug to help you forget the bad place - - a strong verse and very telling..... xx from Fay.....
old song are golden..and nice to reminisce...que sera, sera - what ever will be, will be...always reminds with the song along with past events... nice provoking poem.....10
Old song's end, new ones always begin the show must go on and never end.. Andy 10
As always Tia, you have a way of weaving the words to make them sing. Very well done and thank you for sharing your talent with us :)