(5-28-42 / Washington state USA)

A Wet Sponge

I was cleaning with a wet sponge
Why, it was just the other day
And as I captured a swipe of dust
My thoughts just seemed to stray

If we can take a wet sponge
And wipe away dust and dirt
Then why can’t we do the same
To wipe away the endless hurt?

I’ve noticed through my life
As I’ve stumbled along the way
Decisions are so difficult
Sometimes more than I can say

We all make mistakes of course
But what if we could just erase
With a single wet sponge and swipe
And there would not be a single trace

Of course we can’t really do it
But we can within our minds
If the things that trouble us so much
The things that stifle us and binds

Why can’t we mentally just swipe it
With the wet sponge inside our mind
For we then can move right along
So happiness is much easier to find!

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Comments (4)

Ah..what a lovely poem. A great analogy with a lot of wisdom!
Your poetry oozes with charm - and wisdom too. love, Allie xxxx
Nice rhymes and theme. Don't forget to sterilize the sponge by putting it in the microwave for a minute or two. -chuck
Can I borrow your sponge? I have a partner who I'd like to wipe out with it. Does it work better than the Mr.Clean sponges? Dirty thief.