(5-28-42 / Washington state USA)

A Wet Weather Day

I took some time out for a drive
It was a different kind of day
The road was wet with rain
As it puddled atop the clay

The air was fresh from a downpour
Settling the dust and the grime
Steam was rising from the water
I enjoy this kind of day every time

I looked across a flowery meadow
At an old barn that I dearly love
Been empty for many a year
To critters it's a warm treasure trove

For the mice and the rabbits settle
Into its unused and empty folds
When you think a barn is empty
You'd be surprised at what it holds

But this day was the kind to just wander
About as you look at the scenes
The road a bit soupy with water
Is the slow kind of day that I mean

I didn't have a particular direction
Just enjoyed the soppy wet weather
Slowed down the pace to a crawl
So thoughts and dreams I could gather!

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