JS (december 12,1978 / bandar sakti north sumatra)

A Whisper

A Whisper

spring clean in my room of soul
sink in my cushion crib slumbering like a docile baby
waiting for a whisper sounding simple not wordy
persuades me to smile upon clouds silhouette sky

a whisper's coming flows from far afield
rides on the unicorn out of the sea of breeze
takes me over the precipices and thorny hills
stare the eyes of whisper trying to kiss

a whisper like bell with rings pealing sweet
on a beige belfry a place for a creed
where I swing and am showered with confetti around
feel in heaven even far from my home

a whisper like a little star twinkling a tiny light
onto a path of fate where I am plodding to
a whisper like a precious prayer saying every night
on my crib where I fall asleep to

a whisper - whisper
guide me into my destiny of this life

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Pablo Neruda

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