MS (8.4.1929 / Marton, Lancashire)

A Whispered Rant In Disguise

If the definition of poetry is
that it touches the heart
then the Olympic Games,
all the arts
and other more intimate matters
are poetry

which I believe the Greeks
would nod assent to

and Baron Coubertin's declaration
relaunching the Olympic Games
(though this time with clothes on, ah well) and
somewhat forgotten by the media
that it's not the winning
but the taking part
would apply to all
the above activities

which is OK by me
and her.

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Comments (2)

... and hopefully all participants. A whispered rant, indeed... (I ask myself, M, would you do it any other way than so eloquently and elegently?) - I do go along with the sentiment. Though sometimes the more direct approach 'judge not and ye will not be judged' has its place....? - the fine craftsmanship of the piece goes without saying, of course. t x
Lovely poem Mike. I don't go along with the sentiment - winning is what counts as far as I'm concerned, otherwise, what's the point? The manner in wich you have expressed it is great. I read it a few times and enjoyed it more with each rereading. A humane subject written humanely.