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A Whisperer Whale

You big whisperer whale
Your glimmers unto the sunshine by your hops
Dont you make too loud noise
You leaper whisperer whale
Why dont you are all aware of your gawkiness
Arent you fed up with your bulkiness
Your whisperer loudy soundly sound
Is it like thrawning others speechlessness
Under the big black ocean
You a bit sound like naked rebel
But you desperate
Because you'r big
Too much high
But your little no-figter friends thinks you've got your way
Enough higher
And yet not so catchy
Not swiftly like there others could do all the time
You move your way largishly
You make beeline upon the sea
Still not wiggly at all
Like others
-Oh no like others-
Be shiny and shy now at the same moment
Or will you not be at all?
Or will you just forget about it in a second?
Any story of this from you?
For a while?
Not at all.
Oh you little big whisperer whale
I can listen to you at all
No matter how is your noise
No matter you seem so big
You little big big whisperer whale
I can hear while your telling about how it feels like to own the lion's share of the world
Maybe thats the reason you dont hear your under-water friends noise
Or because you are able to jump for more
And aware of more and more
Friends and lands...
Or there's no noice under water at all.
You're just no aware of nothing at all.
Or your whispering more than all and we all just ignore.
Your whisperer whale
how I love to dare
To slip upon your ridges like salty waters
To be closest to your sound like 'Whaaaale'
Do you feel like a big cat or any thing stuck in its body
I'd learn all
if I could hear you, whispering voice.
Just, do not make too much noise.

by Beyza Dut

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