A White Australia

They had a clear policy
For letting people stay
If your face was white you fitted
If not then sent away.

They included on their census
Cattle, sheep and goats
They excluded Aborigines
As incidental folks.

It was a white Australia
An Australia so pure
It's rarely talked about these days
It's seen as immature.

But white Australia lives on
Think of all those refugees
For they are held behind barbed wire
As dangerous detainees.

This side of this Australia
Is something i implore
Everyone around the world
Not just to ignore.

by David Keig

Comments (2)

Love this. So depicting of a plight of those of color the world over. But like all 'diseases'... a cure for this 'eventually' will be found. Nice poem, David. You and I have much in common.
Simply expressed, powerful in that truth