Truth & Beauty

Glitters even brighter
If appreciated
Right ways

If you are
Playing with it
Ahh nice…
Lets play little more
Play a million times…

Neither you can change
Any truth…nor
You can make it down
Anything beautiful…

So what are you doing?
You are just making
Yourself down
More & more
Even more.

by Abhinaba Sen

Comments (6)

Enjoyed this very lovely poem.
Kim Barney you stirred my curiosity, this is the only comment by Michael Morris, and Lee Drager has not been back after 2006 either; now later I will have to read all of the poems by Carla Jean Laglia Esely; and I also disappeared from my previous site, moved countries computers wanted to confirm I am me so locked me out, had changed cellphones and apparently cannot I am me either, any other split personality site poems out there?
With regard to Carla Jean Laglia Esely not having logged in since January 2nd 2003, I am glad she originally did and like so many poets that fleetingly appear and disappear, I hope your all ok, may a wide road stretch before you and the wind be at your backs :) :) :)
'Twas the night before christmas. With a blanket of white. That covered the earth all through the night. The trees sparkled like diamonds. With a glitter so bright. That each little twinkle made its own christmas light.' absolutely brilliant, I reread and enjoyed the entire poem immensely, as regards spelling errors, this indicates probably the poem was written swiftly and I think we all know exactly what is meant and how to correct the grammar which spoilt my delight not in the slightest, so thanks to the editor for overlooking grammar and posting 'A White Christmas' by Carla Jean Laglia Esely because I absolutely loved it :) :) :) and am voting it 10+++
LOVELY POEM, but please correct the capitalization for the word 'Christmas.' Three times it is spelled with a lower case 'c' and once with the correct upper case 'C'. Christmas is a proper name and should always be spelled with a capital. Also, the apostrophe is missing on the second 'twas.' Thank you. :)
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