A White Rope And A Dwarf

Poem By john tiong chunghoo

china, taiwan
buffalo and calf
chained, pulled
by a white rope
worked on by a dwarf's sons
beef fed bigger, smarter
the emperor's sons
sit on nails
five thousand year old
divine nail chairs
that fueled revolutions
mental, spiritual, power
invasions, conquests
the calf runs adrift
lost in neighbourhood
become centre of stakes
a world divided
with the Chinese divides
sons of emperors
still pulled by
a white rope and
dwarf's smart descendents
plagued, played,
arousing a warring spirit
a 5,000 year old warring spirit
fueled by a middle kingdom

Comments about A White Rope And A Dwarf

This is the best of your poems I have read, John. It has strong images and is sparse on words. Good job. (My parents lived for a while in Taiwan after I was grown and their letters were full of these wonderful images.) Raynette
Well this is just very well done. Strong opening imagery and good flow throughout.

1,8 out of 5
3 total ratings

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