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A Whole New Ball Game.
IOI (7/4/1934 / Hebburn.Co Durham U.K)

A Whole New Ball Game.

The time had come for me to go and leave the world of work behind
I was not sure, did not know how I would occupy my mind
To fill the long hours of the day. I knew some things I’d like to try.
But work had left small time for play and now there s was no reason why.

My times my own an I am free to try my hand at something new
from pottery to poetry and that is what I mean to do.
It may seem strange but now I find there are too few hours in the day.
To do the things I have in mind. I look at life a different way.

Retirement wrought a change in me I do the thing I want to do
I have no one to please but me. Something you can look forward to.
When you too leave the world of work behind. You’ll be too busy to regret.
The years you spent as a wage slave you’ll be quite happy to forget.


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as we trudge the path by the life across the plexus of our time and space yet knowing nothing when to leave yet we rave up by our own swings onto the finale................oh life eloquently expressed, that touches the heart in the core deep., still ruefully hurtful even by the truth as we are to leave onday all beyond, wonderful consciousness of mortality, great write,10+, thanks for sharing
Verses has touched my heart.....a fine poem 10/10
A swell read Ivor! A whole new ball game i would say Poetry, pottery and some play Bases loaded what a day! Now all you need is a home run And this (ballgame) of life - you will Have won! ! *10*! Friend Thad
Couldn't agree more Ivor - sometimes wish I could go back to work for a rest. Nicely expressed