(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

A 'why Is It' To Again Revisit

Why is it...
That some brought to experience,
Public humiliation.
That brings out confessions,
Of feeling remorse for misdeeds to do.
To then receive a flood of overflowing empathy.
By those who choose to forget,
The ones not given...
An option to address,
How their humiliation to experience...
Had been specifically directed.
To ruin their credibility and integrity.
Leaving them left with lives to live,
In a mess no one seems to regret.

Why is it...
Crooks, liars and deceivers,
Caught in the act of corruption.
Done to do and openly perform.
Can admit their wrongdoings,
Adorned in a prison uniform.
Are capable to bring tears to the eyes,
Of those who know them to be...
Deceivers, liars, thieves and dupers.
Prepared and ready to bestow upon them,
Empathy and unending forgiveness.
While those living their lives in total ruin,
Are not forgotten to have,
Their lives living to be taunted and harassed.
As if asked to be victimized.
And allowing it done.

Why is it that this,
Is considered human nature.
Why is it that this,
Is not considered to be destructive.
Although permitted to exist.

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