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A Wife's Resentment

The bitterness of her kiss stung me with such hypocrisy
Affecting my behavior, drugging my senses as I fought this denial in my heart
This kiss was an alcoholic taste without substance
It lingered in my tongue
Liquefied with mucous
As I parted my lips to speak, the gluey-like substance slurred my speech
Left my mouth parched and my throat coated with foam
She gazed at me with a bewildered expression
But this was a notation
The weather between us had changed from spring to winter
The kiss she offered me so full of her resentment
(c) 1/2006FaceButter

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There aren't many poems that actually turn my stomach but......yuck! :) This is pretty gross! That's a compliment....any emotions you can make somebody feel through your writing is good so...good job! Sincerely, Mary