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A Wilting Rose

A rose with the sweetest fragrance
Gently spreads its curvy petals
And a rose while ever so fine,
Wilts when covered in shadow
And blooms when it basks in the light
But a rose does not last forever
Even emersed in light
And dies with time,
Turning pungent
as its soft beauty wilts,
and wilts ever
so slowly.

'A Wilting Rose' is an analogy comparing a rose to mankind's soul. In the presence of God we bloom and thrive off the 'light' making our soul and whole being healthy. But when we are 'covered in shadow, '
evil and sin eat at our soul corrupting us and making us feel a false sense of contentment. Mankind does not last forever though and our life on earth is not eternal. Mankind 'dies with time, ' but we die slowly and peacefully if we 'bask in the light.' We shall 'wilt' softly with age and happiness.

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sorry. I've re-read this and I was entirely wrong...I read it wrongly. So now I've read it correctly, I must give you the big 10.
typo? should it not be 'and IT turns black in death'? If you change that part, I'd have to give you full marks.