Broken Angel

i smile a fake smile
so no one can actually see
that my pain is over whelming
that i could never leave

if any one were to ask,
i would have to say
i'm a broken angel
or i could fly away

no one has ever noticed
my eyes are always filled with tears
my heart is always breaking
and i don't want to be here

i don't think i'm an angel
for i don't believe in it
but in some ways i'm a BROKEN angel
hoping to fly away

i sperad my wings
i try to fly
but my hope
has already died

i let tears fall
i yell to someone
i reach out my hand
i run down the hall

no one chases after me
no one screams my name
i'll try to fly
if my wings don't burn

i'm a broken angel
i WANT to fly away

this broken angel
has almost died

i can't go to heaven
i've sinned too much
i can't go to hell
i've sinned not enough

i'm a broken angel
i need to fly
THIS broken angel
has pretty much died

by Joan Johnson

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I believe it so... those are the ingredients in wining the contest! Thanks.
Poems to me are inspirational feeling of oneself
To prepare for the contest needs skill but to win it, one also needs a bit of luck. The whole idea is very well articulated and nicely put across. Thanks, Ramesh ji.
You are right! Luck and skill are both needed to win contests! I know from pasts experiences!
Comments and encouragements from my readers are overwhelming and confirms my win in the contest!
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