MF ( / Milton, MA)

A Window Won'T Open

This is as good as I get
I have never felt more beautiful
Than I did tonight
If you don’t love me now
Then I give up
I’ve tried everything
And still
You hold the key to my happiness
You are a secret garden
I am locked out of
Frozen in a dark winter’s nightmare
I hold tight to the dead thorny tangles
As if my strength could rip them
Down along with the walls
My fingers bleed
I feel sick inside
Poisoned with my longing
For a spring you promise and don’t deliver
But I hold fast
I can’t comprehend my own stubborn will
My belief that a fairy tale lay in there
But I am not sure if a door even exists anymore
And my feet are stuck in the muck of your glassy eyed stare
I will never know happiness
As sure as I will never see the sun again

(February 27,2005)

by Meredith Fahey

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