A Winsome Lass

O lovely maid whose gentle breast,
Of many endearing charms possessed;
With eyes of purest ray serene
Of azure blue, soft touched with green.
Rustic brown like gossamer her hair,
And roseate cheeks not lined with care.
Full bowed her lips of rubious hue,
Moist blushed like early morning dew.
Swan like her neck with skin of daisy white;
Soft lobed her ears, part hid from sight.
Her shoulders stooped, but not in servile mood,
The sculptured frame from hallowed nature hewed.
So shapely limbed with lithesome figure;
Toil worn, but still brim full of vigour.
Pale, slender hands with long fingered skill,
Cool and smooth to touch, yet tiny still.
A nymphean body with health of gladsome ray;
Her welcome presence to gild each happy day.
May perpetual joys around her always spring,
With rapturous blessings each new year bring.

by Bryan Colman Bird

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