A Winter Aeorgramme

I dreamt we met in verses once again.
The mood was Lithuanian as yourself.
Our convesation was in pen and ink,
Outdated as a winter aeorgramme.

by Sandra Fowler Click to read full poem

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Our convesation was in pen and ink, Outdated as a winter aeorgramme. - From the core of my heart, I mourn the demise of 'aeorgrammes and envelopes', of hand written letters. If you have time, you may like to read my poem titled 'Our Lost Treasure Trove' and say a few words please. This poem deserves full marks.10/10.
Your poem gives that certain special feeling. Beautifully penned.
aweee sandra such a sweet poem..........absolutely loved it!
A beautiful arctic dream, rare as a single snowflake
A beautiful arctic dream, rare as a single snow flake!
a touching reminiscent poem madam very well woven in your nostalgic dreams.. well i don't even know about aerograms.. but madam that would have been much more romantic.. sending hand written messages and waiting for the replies.. 10+++ certainly.. warm regards prashant
Suberb! The imagery is wonderful! The gosammer of memories so well woven into a celestial wonder! !
Each and every new poem you post is but another page in your incredible repertoire. The poem reeks of nostalgia that rises like dust, disturbed by the hooves of time. Now, in this age of high tech communication, the aerogramme has become a symbol of the past - another link in time's never ending necklace; a link that has lost its utility and is fading from memory but yet - in it's day - was one of the most important modes of communication. How true? ? ? The power of great memories does have a transcendental quality that can make time irrelevant and in doing so gives us a lot to smile and be happy about. Sandra, you never cease to astound and delight your readers with your wonderful gift for words. Leonard
How very imaginative, dreams woven together with unforgettable memoirs. An exceptional piece.
Nice flow of words very warm and comforting
Those aerograms once were familiar to me. No wonder you still dream of your aerogram friendship: friends never disappear, but live in memory and dreams. The imagery is wonderful: a winter etude of warm memory.
Thanks a lot for this wonderful, rare winter aerogram! Slowly falling snow flakes, name written on the windowpane, lighting up old souls....Exquisite, soothing, reassuring words that make living worthwhile...
with the hightech gripping the globe, aeorgrammes are now a rarity i suppose...o, how they used to carry one heart to another across the seas!
i know two yiddish men who changed the world jesus and einstein.......
what I write keeps disappearing! ! this is simply beautiful, captures the thrill of love in a letter, an aerogramme, light, falling on a heart much like snowflakes - touching; moving; sensitive mark
Rare as a single snowflake is that bond, That lights old souls beyond all winterness. this is simply marvellous, Sandra. love, light, snowflake - all so fragile, yet so engaging, so thrilling, ever reaching out to other snowflakes, other lights, other loves in a bond softly silken.10 written all over this piece. mark mark
'Rare as a single snowflake is that bond, That lights old souls beyond all winterness..' What a warm poem of the winter light, Sandra. Your poetry always makes me feel elevated and purified. Thanks for the beauty and tenderness of your soul shared with us.. Always your friend at poemhunter, Yelena M.
dear sandraji every letter, every post card or aerogramme is a flake of the soul of the one who sends it.........talk with pen and ink is immortal........evokes memories even after a life time.......like pure snowflakes, i too send my words of love.....straight from the heart....... love premji
love the title of this poem, it evokes beautiful bittter-sweet memories of the past - the imagery is as usual so real yet so delicate -'You wrote me notes upon the stems of flowers....' exquisite writing Sandra..Thank you for sharing your thoughts...
As Christmas day comes to a close, I am warmed by your Winter Aerogramme...beautifully composed. Warmest wishes to you my friend.