SF (February,4,1937 / W. Columbia, WV, USA)

A Winter Christmas Card

I met you in a winter Christmas card.
The wind played carols through the evergreens.
Snow fell like angel birds on old tin roofs.
The mood was appalachian to the soul.

Time painted us a picture of ourselves.
The gray landscape was bathed in candlelight
From sun almost too threadbare to exist,
And yet we thanked the faint warmth for its gift.

Home shone for us across a vast white field.
The way was long but we both made it, Friend.
A single frost star captured by the glass
Dispelled the dark and made the music last.

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Comments (28)

A very warm poem with perfect winter imagery...a beautiful write Sandra.
Its an excellent poem on winter.Certainly, you are the best poet I have ever known.
A truly beautiful Christmas card, in your inimitable and unmistakeable style, truly soothing to the soul. Thanks, Patrick
A beautiful painting of Winter snow, presenting a very vivid picture in my mind. Thanks for your lovely words. Kate
There's nothing left to be said Sandra, except that your poetry gives me a sense of peace. Thank you so much Sandra for the exquisite beauty. Melvina
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