A Winter Christmas Card

I met you in a winter Christmas card.
The wind played carols through the evergreens.
Snow fell like angel birds on old tin roofs.
The mood was appalachian to the soul.

by Sandra Fowler Click to read full poem

Comments (28)

A very warm poem with perfect winter imagery...a beautiful write Sandra.
Its an excellent poem on winter.Certainly, you are the best poet I have ever known.
A truly beautiful Christmas card, in your inimitable and unmistakeable style, truly soothing to the soul. Thanks, Patrick
A beautiful painting of Winter snow, presenting a very vivid picture in my mind. Thanks for your lovely words. Kate
There's nothing left to be said Sandra, except that your poetry gives me a sense of peace. Thank you so much Sandra for the exquisite beauty. Melvina
A truly beautiful portrait of the turning of the year. Prayers for all the souls who met you thus - but I think your poem is a tribute to a special friend of your verse. Such friendships may endure, and be passed on, each enriching the next. So it is with you, Sandra. This lovely poem evokes the dying of the light - the very point from which new hope is born. The shadows grow very long, this time of year. Though the winds are cold, they do sing carols. From such music, new music may be born. - Will
A meeting in a Christmas card, a threadbare sun, with a frost star sum the greatness of your poetry. STUNNING. Love, Susie xxx
A single frost star captured by the glass Dispelled the dark and made the music last...................as when winter christmas wishes love and care that redeems the heart, , yet it flows gently with genial glows,10+, thanks for sharing
An excellent write... lyrically fabulous!
a very beautiful poem sandra. very well thought out.
Your lovely lyric carries us back to the warm images of our secure childhoods. The images of candles and frosted windows, snowfall and carols call us to a hallowed time.
Truly Christmas in a unique place from a gifted and unique poet. The heart of love is the gift we all seek and it exists in your poetry. Uriah
I can't help but take a long deep breath :) Beautiful, truly heart warming. Thanks for the feeling :) Regards, Daffodil
I feel the warmth as same as the coldness and I hear the sweetest everlasting melody that gives in your every line and it's a real winter christmas it seems..........Congratulations!
The colours, the music, the warmth of love and friendship linger...and these images of perfection are imprinted on the memory - though the season is transient, the moment will last forever.. stunning Sandra - justine x
Fancy's landscape merging with the real - a brilliant piece
Very beautiful. Thank You
Beautiful poem, it depicts the kind of christmas everyone wants! Thank you for sharing, a 10.
I wish this poem didn't have an end. I wish it carried on forever. You took me into a world I didn't want to leave. The mood, though grey, had a mellow happiness - a happiness that lasts and doesn't go out with a flash. A beautiful Christmas Poem and what great timing. Though early, I am spurned on to send you my most sincere Christmas Greetings and a great 2008. Thank you Sandra for sharing your wonderful inner world and fanning the spiritual embers back to life. Take care....
You paint Christmas as I have never seen it and yet know it from the sort of card (anathema to us living in Australia) that must have inspired this gentle, pastel colored poem. Again, you personalize the picture and endow it with a soft melancholy - your 'threadbare sun' is magnificent. (God I'd love to create images like that!) Sandra, PoemHunter is so much the richer for your presence. love, Alison xxxx