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A Winter Dream
(20 October 1854 – 10 November 1891 / Charleville, Ardennes)

A Winter Dream

In winter we’ll travel in a little pink carriage
With cushions of blue.
We’ll be fine. A nest of mad kisses waits
In each corner too.

You’ll shut your eyes, not to see, through the glass,
Grimacing shadows of evening,
Those snarling monsters, a crowd going past
Of black wolves and black demons.

Then you’ll feel your cheek tickled quite hard…
A little kiss, like a maddened spider,
Will run over your neck…

And you’ll say: “Catch it!” bowing your head,
– And we’ll take our time finding that creature
– Who travels so far…

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Comments (7)

Well articulated thoughts and feelings nicely brought forth with insight.
We’ll travel in a little pink carriage with cushions of blue. Winter nest gives brilliance and warmness. We’ll take our time finding that creature, who travels so far. Winter is mystical but very interesting. We love this season. Brilliant and excellent imagery is drawn in this poem./..10
A little game of catch the spider is probably OK, more fun than frightening - what other creature would be a more suitable reference?
A nest of mad kisses! ! Thanks for sharing this poem with us.
Such a great work by Arthur Rimbaud.....
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