Mirror Reflection

The sun starts fading
another day has passed by
She looks up at the blue sky
and thinks of the sunlight that can tell no lie

The warmth of the housewalls
is yet another truth
That can only be appriciated by those
who do not seek eternal youth

The outside beauty
fills up her chest
And reflects in her green eyes
wherehas beauty has made it's nest

There is something calm
about the way she smiles
A smile that spreads hope
within a thousand miles

Her heart
was once a broken sail
But is now healed
and will never again fail

Within her soul lies the truth
they all wish they had
But I guess she doesn't know
because she still looks as sad

by Old Teenage Poems

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Comments (5)

please describe for me the weather outside from the poem
Using a background to create the metaphore is a good ttechnique
Using a background to crate the metaphor is a good technique
Short and to the point...
nice and sad