A Winter Night

White specks falling from above.
What is it?
Why is it so cold?
It covers the earth like a frozen blanket.
On the barn, the trees...Me.
I bolt, trying to escape this nightmare.
I am alone. So alone.
Where is mama?
Mama! I'm scared! Help me! Help me- Help me.
Who are those humans watching me?
I am frightened.
What if I don't make it through this horrible night?
The humans have left, and I gallop trying to keep warm.

Wait! Who comes near?
Why it's my master! Halter in hand to bring me in from this frozen nightmare.
I am inside my stall now,
Huddled in a corner.
Oh the warm corner.
Sweet warmth.
I fall peacfully asleep dreaming of a warm, bright, white speckless summer.


by Elphaba Thropp

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Very nice. I like the way youth was brought into it. Really nice.