A Winter Of Discontent

I remember a winter a few decades ago.
Where our dear England was covered in snow.
It started on Boxing Day with a blizzard from hell
then in the course of a week the snow just fell.
This once green paradise was now a shroud of white
and everyone was suffering from chillblains and frostbite.
Outdoor life was like an indoor fridge
where everything had frozen like a mountain ridge.
Abandon lorries on the side of the road
men were freezing even their load.
Villages cut off all over the land
so in came the troops to lend a hand.
This was the winter of discontent that lasted from
Christmas, and way past Lent.
As one lot of snow cleared, it would return again
to bring freezing cold tempretures and a lot of pain.
Wind would blow both night and day, and still the snow
never went away.Drifts of snow standing six foot high
just being topped up with snow from a winter sky.
So what of this winter of ice and snow
one that happened a few decades ago.
I remember it as one that was cold and wild
because in the summer God presented me
with my first born child.
In this year, where snow fell in December
it was the coldest winter I will ever remember.

by sylvia spencer

Comments (3)

Brrrr! I could feel this one, and I especially like that line about 'outdoor feeling like an indoor fridge! ' Good one, especially for someone named for the roses of summer, Rosie Girl! ! Scaarlett
Chilly poem... I'm getting cold just reading it! A very warm ending though... very nice! Brian
Winter can be a time of mixed feelings for many.I love the way that you have personalised this one with the comment about your first born. I hope that your seasons to come are fullof contentment.Love Duncan.