No Advice, Please

Do we need any type of advice from others?
Why other’s plight concern us and bother?
Are those concern only meant to be lip services?
Not to learn any for self from other’s misses

It has remained custom and merely a tradition
Purely academic interest without any condition
Sometimes fuel passion and serve as ignition
Thought blasts within without any ammunition

Catching the nerve point and it hurts us most
Simple dose of solace which means nothing in cost
It may be conceded at given point of time and heeded
Some more concrete action is often needed

It may invite ire when hollow promises are given
Increase in plights and condition horribly driven
Person may loose temper and hurl simple abuses
Everybody may turn down advise or refuse

It is not necessary to render it free
People may avoid and some times flee
Your presence may invite mixed response
Some may term it useless and even nonsense

You may feel bad but not react badly
Displeasure may be shown and accepted very sadly
If you can draw the lesson and read as judgment
Insult may be avoided for that very moment

It is better to render where it is needed
Hundred percent sure that it will be heeded
Valuable points may be noted and conceded
Concern and unnecessary worries may be receded

It will serve as medicine and immediate relief
Fast recovery and strengthening the belief
May enlighten the person with full confidence
Advice may have more weight with earning credence

by Hasmukhlal Amathalallal

Comments (2)

Gary what a wonderful walk, and a wonderful poem, what else can I say. Have you read my 'Countryside Sentement' we are on that same wave length again. Cheers Sylvie
Thank you for sharing such a lovely walk. Patricia